Great talent in the making

Oh my Sagrada Familia!!

There’s always a word that reminds me when I come here.

“A great talent in the making”

In Japanese there is more sense of incomplete or unfinished great thing.

I always believed myself that I am an incomplete person with potential to be great.

So I learn, wanting to grow, and at the same time I wonder when the heck am I going to be great.

This time I realised that I was hooked by the word “incomplete.”

I am incomplete but still great.

Sagrada Familia shows us humans.

We believe that we will complete/be the great ones some day.

So we work hard.

We notice our growth when we look back at some point but not from everyday life.

AND we won’t forget that this whole process is also beautiful.

That is why we have community to support.

We have people to come visit you from all over the world.

I heard  Sagrada Familia will complete in 2026 after 100 years of working by the people.

I somehow doubt that it will complete.

Well, I look forward for it and also know that our learning journey never completes.

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