How to have a Inspired Self Leadership

What is your life purpose?


Here I’m not talking about what job, or what position.

Life purpose is core of yourself, something that you live along with.
It’s the calling that you have for your life.
Did you know that everyone has their own calling that is unique as your fingerprint??

The outcome may be the same, but it can be defined on their own wording.

Your job is to discover and remember your calling and to say YES to the adventure of living it.

The more we do, we naturally become a leader, whether you have leadership position or not.


To find what your life purpose is, I believe that it is important to connect with your inspiration!
Some people say, “I am waiting for inspiration”, but I want you to know that inspiration IS waiting for you.


So let’s allow our heart to be open.
Accept and acknowledge the reaction of your soul.

When I went to European Co-Active Community day workshop, Nick Williams (Inspired Entrepreneur) was mentioning about the 4 ways to nurture inspiration;

 1.Know it:

Be aware of what your wells of inspiration are.  What does inspire you?  What nourishes your soul and uplift you?

 2.Treasure it:
Spend time at your wells of inspiration. Invest time, energy and if necessary money in keeping your inspiration alive.

 3.Find it:

   Seek out new sources of inspiration.   Seek out new possibilities, new opportunities, new role and new ideas to develop yourself and your business.


4. Become it:
   Become a source of inspiration to yourself.  Act on your inspired ideas, act in the face of your fear and resistance.  Be courageous, choose to grow and become more by acting your initial inspiration. 
Isn’t this so simple?
And yes, it is all up to you!!

Listen to what your heart is saying. Don’t just think with your head.
Feel it.  Yes, Feel!!