Hong Kong:Design Your Path, Let Your Compass Steer

date:  May 31st, 2014 9:00-17:30
target::For thos who are interested in coaching or have something that they want to change about themselves venue: Mira Moon Hotel
Number of participants:  7
language:  English
Co Leader:Catherine Eidens(CPCC)、Keiko Muramatsu(CPCC)

Theme:  Explore and experience the options you create with the topic you bring.  Feel and choose with your heart.

testimonials : “Excellent!!  I understood what “coaching” is, and how to help for my career/life/dream etc” “My expectation was not high because I knew that Keiko has not much experience of the workshop even I had great experience with her private session. And after entering the room, I found there were a few young ladies and some housewives looking ladies, Also If there is another person, I will try to act better in front of others and that may block myself to reach my heart. So I assumed that I can discover only small today, but All of my estimation was turned out to be wrong! The lady I thought she is just a young girl, gave me the most amazing influence on me with her assertive and honest comments and she even helped me to feel my heart and helped me to get my answers from my inner wisdom by asking the right questions. But all these were only possible with Coaches who lead us and helped us with well structured interactive activities.”