July 24th,2015: “The Range of Playfulness”

 Workshop for Professional Coaches  “The Range of PLAYFULNESS.”          

 >Date; July 24th 10:00am-12:00
>Venue: The Thamesbank Centre, Turpentine Lane, Pimlico, UK SW1V 4BDDone with my workshop for co-active coaches!
I’m glad that everyone enjoyed the experimental space we created.
So what is playfulness?
How do you push the playfulness?
What is opposite of playfulness?

Where is your boundaries of playfulness?
Thank you to all the courageous coaches who have tried so hard to fail on their coaching!
We never know our limits until we fail.
And thank you to my wonderful co-leaders Anastasia and Cat!
Some comments from the participants.

What a feeling provoking exploration! I gained so much from the workshop, the facilitation and the active participation of the other hub attendees. Thanks so much for the experience.   Looking forward to reconnecting.”“Great energy, well structured, interesting interactive!”

“Exploration of