Personal and Executive Coaching

This is one on one coaching. The main purpose of this coaching is to own your leadership in life/career and to take action. By having a coach, you will be aware on things more and will be encouraged to move forward more rather than being by yourself.

This is for you if...

  • You are not excited about the future you can see now.
  • You are looking for a change in your management style.
  • You don't have anyone to ask for advice because your position is high.
  • You are hungry for feedbacks.
  • You have no time to think about yourself.
The most important thing is that you are willing to live creatively.

How we have session

Face to face
Tokyo residents only
When the quality of sound/connection is unsteady, we will ask you to use call by phone and it will be charged by the client.


For those who wants to decide after trial, give it a try!
Face to face OR Online 60min
DISCOVERY SESSION is designed only once at the beginning.
Its purpose is to know each other, to discuss your goal of life and coaching, to understand coaching, and to discuss the best way to proceed.
Recommend once in 2-3 weeks for the first 3 months. Available in Japanese or English.

Client Data


My experience of being coached by Keiko is Spacious and
Curious bringing in a lightness and sense of hopefulness
and possibility.

Rachel Erasmus

Keiko's way and manner is both connecting and buyonant. She listens intently and also brings a breath of air into the room. Her curiosity is genuine and I feel held. In our sessions I am invited to connect to a bigger more expansive way of seeing myself and my circumstances. I've really valued the support and opportunity to grapple with life as it is unfolding alongside Keiko as my coach.

Keiko is a passionate and highly motivated leader.

Rob Russell
Head Coach of Coach Tokyo

I worked with Keiko on the design of a Global Leadership program which we went on to co-deliver over a period of two months. Keiko is a passionate and highly motivated leader and coach who has a bold and clear vision of what she wants to achieve for herself and Japan. What makes Keiko so great to work with is her ability to strike a balance between being fun to be around and highly professional and focussed.

Working with Keiko is a bliss!
She adds colours to lives by being herself.

Catherine Eidens
Personal and Executive Coach

her open, playful, non-judgmental and curious characters allowed our relationship built trust instantly. The three words I would use to describe my coaching experience with her are: effective, interesting and easy! I am refreshed every time I talked to her. She is a natural listener! Her special talent in reframing what she hears not only helped me to crystalise my situation, but more importantly helped me to find innovative ideas about doing things differently. I strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to have an effective partner to support long lasting results whilst enjoying the process.

Keiko manages to create a safe environment
which helped me open up and move forward.

Coach, Artist

Keiko manages to create a safe environment which helped me open up and move forward. I gained more self awareness, more confidence, and a clearer view on what I should do next. I also discovered my own passion for coaching. She is fun, professional and efficient!!

Systems Coaching

This is coaching for more than 2 people such as partnership or teams.
System means relationship.


This is coaching for more than 2 people such as partnership or teams. System means relationship. We coach relationships for partners, teams and organizations to develop their leadership. We help you to reveal what is happening in the system and help to transform to another level.

No matter how great your strategy or your individual skill is, it won’t work well as a team/organisation if you have stressful relationship.
System coach helps you to reveal what is happening in the relationship. It helps to create psychological safety and raise system awareness so that organization can be more powerful in its own way.
*Systems Coaching® is a registered trademark of CRR Global and CRR Global Japan Ltd., based on ORSC® Program. ORSC® stands for ” Organization Relationship and Systems Coaching."



  • HR project team for IT Leading Company
  • Team development project for Top Advertising Agency
  • Team Development Retreat for IT consulting firm
  • Team Development Project for professional baseball team staffs
  • Executive team development project for NPO SUSU
  • National sports team development project for players and coaches relationships
  • Leadership Training for Lacrosse U19 women's team


How we have session

Interview・Questionnaire→Designing programs→Monthly Sessions(4-6months)
*2-18 people

Features on Systems Coaching


Long term projects
Transformation happens between sessions, and it is hard to realise the difference at the beginning because it can get back easily. We design long term so that system can be aware of their shifts and become sustainable.


Visualizing relationships
Relationship is hard to visualize, however with ORSCR? tools we assist you to visualize.


Physicological safety created by professionals
Sometimes it has unintended impact if an internal person facilitates. Well trained coach from a third party will assist you provide safetyness and support to progress.


We educate theories at the same time so that teams can be sustainable.


Dialogic style
Sessions are interactive and helps to create participants to have ownership of developing their organization.


Full Customized
We design program after interviews, and it depends on what is needed in the system.


Tadahiro Kobayashi
CEO of Seven Hundred ltd.

By having time to share their feeling such as feeling that might cause the conflict and by sharing their original perspective, I recognised that the team learned to respect each other. Knowing the edge of team as common understanding does help team to move forward from now on.

Leadership Program

Leadership Training program for corporates.
It will be designed and planned to client's needs.

If you are interested as a corporate it is also available so please contact us.


Diversity × Leadership
Global Manufacturing Company: Leadership with DI&B Culture
Global Consulting Company: Empowering Women's Leadership
Global School: Gender Empowerment Leadership Program
Intrapreneurship × Leadership
Event Consulting Company: Leadership Development with Intrapreneurship